We are happy to announce that we published new version of GekkoFX. Main changes has been made with improving app’s performance but we don’t forgot to add new features to make your trading even more efficient. Below you can check what has changed.

  • Performance improvement – we rewrite the frontend of the app to make it work more efficient and dynamic. It’ll make using the app faster and more fluid.
  • Scalping mode – to this moment M15 was the lowest time frame. Since now, you can go to scalp mode and get access to trading opportunities from M1 – M5.
  • Notes – we created dedicated module for notes. Now you can manage all your notes on one page. That should make work easier for all traders who use notes  to keep their trading plans in one place.
  • Charts – now you can analyze individual currencies. Select currency and timeframe and we’ll show you charts for all crosses. It help you easier find pairs with the best trading potential. This module should be especially useful for traders who trade during macro data.
  • Track your trades – if you wanna stay up-to-date with all your trades go to trades monitor where you’ll see all market events related with instrument you trade
  • Heat map – the quickest way to check how all markets perform. Check which pairs gain and lose most.


We hope you you find this changes useful. If you have any suggestions what functionalities we should add next fell free to contact us.

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