Candle shape

Pinbar(ish) one of the most popular trading signal – long tail / shadow and small body representing rejection of price level

Rejection similar to pinbar, the only difference is body size – in this one we only look at wick / shadow size

Marubozu big candle representing dynamic move on market

Spinning tops candle with wicks / shadows on both sides in similar size Рrepresents market indecision

Candle environment

Support / resistance rejection rejection of important level where price reacted multiple times in the past

Stochastic oscillator signal compatibility  with stochastic oscillator

Double signal two signal candles next to each other (eg. two pinbars, one after another)

Equal(ish) low / high of signal and previous candle signal candle and previous candle have close low / high price


Kangaroo Tail signal candle appears on level where price hasn’t been in long time


Trend compatibility signal type is compatible with current trend


Bollinger Bands signal candle shows on border of Bollinger Band



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