Hi, I’m building tool which has to be all-in-one trading assistant. At this point it has macro calendar, few Twitter news streams and what’s the most important list of market events.

Market events are effects of our robots work which constantly monitor markets (35 instruments on 15 timeframes at this point). They inform about all interesting events they notice. By “interesting” I mean events like pinbars, rejections of support / resistance levels, marubozu candles etc.

Ok, let’s get into it and see how our tool can be used in daily trading.

After login into the tool in first column you will find list of market events. Each event beside information about instrument and time frame has few icons representing its characteristic.

For example icons from above graphic represents in order: market overbought (stochastic), support / resistance level, rejection (big top wick), no new high.

Clicking in any event opens instrument details. Beside the chart which help you quickly verify the quality of event you’ll find three different market outlooks. First is Community Outlook from MyFxBook to help define general market sentiment. The second one is summary of all market events for every timeframe generated by our robots. It shows last event for every time frame thanks to what you can verify how current event looks on the background of general market state. Last outlook show overbought / oversold of instrument on time frames from M5 to H4. Looking on generated event from perspective of chart and market state help better judge the legitimacy to open trade.

If you would like to look at generated event in wider view it’s worth to use multi timeframe charts. All you need is one click to open page showing selected instrument on 6 time frames — from M1 to D1.If you decided that generated event is valid with your strategy it’s worth to inform the app about opening transaction. Thanks to that you will get two more informations. Firstly all events related with open trades are available on “Active trades” tab (it helps filter events to see only the one related with traded instruments). Second information shows in window with instrument details and presents correlation between selected instrument and all that you trade. It helps avoid situation when you open trade on highly correlated instrument increasing your risk.
When I described instrument details view I mentioned two ways of looking at market — from perspective of generated events and overbought / oversold. When you go to “Events overview” and “Market overview” tab you can get access to this information for all instruments. It helps to find easier potential opportunities. For example you can look for instruments which on high intervals shows downward trend (overbought market or sell events) and growth on small. When on small interval the trend will change we may have potential sell signal.According to us above functionalities should help you build market advantage and improve trading quality. Based only on events from our app, without any extra analysis on August we opened 88 transaction in which 77 was closed with profit. It generated 194% of gain.

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