Market scanner

Stop wasting time staring at charts. Our robots scan markets and let you know when something interesting happen. All you need to do is decide do you wanna trade it.

As a daytrader your focus is weaker with every hour of staring at charts, so keep your focus on trading not jumping through charts. Pinbars? Rejections? S/R levels? Oscillators? We have it all. And you can filter it as you like. Every 15 minutes you'll get new batch of opportunities.

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Calendar & news

Don't let yourself surprised. Easy access to macro calendar and Twitter news will help you notice all moments of higher volatility on market.

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Monitor your trades

Setting opportunity as traded will give you a better outlook at your position. Switch to "Active trades" to get only events related to your open trades and see what's going on on every timeframe.

Additionally you'll see correlations between selected instrument and all of your open trades, so you can avoid doubling risk exposure.

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Market Overview

Watch market from different perspectives.

  • opportunities overview
  • instruments overbought / oversold
  • distance to support / resistance levels

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Multi timeframe analysis

One click and you'll see selected instrument on 6 timeframes. That's the best way to figured out perspectives and dangers of your trade.

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