Why you shouldn’t buy trading signals?

When you enter the trading world you will be tempted by fast and big profits. From one side your greed will tell you to risk more, from other all ads (and scammers) will try to sell you easy way to get rich. Both of them are straight way to lose your money. If trading would be so easy and giving big money fast we wouldn’t have poor people, all of them would be traders.

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GekkoFX — trading assistant (market events, calendar, news)

Hi, I’m building tool which has to be all-in-one trading assistant. At this point it has macro calendar, few Twitter news streams and what’s the most important list of market events.

Market events are effects of our robots work which constantly monitor markets (35 instruments on 15 timeframes at this point). They inform about all interesting events they notice. By “interesting” I mean events like pinbars, rejections of support / resistance levels, marubozu candles etc.

Ok, let’s get into it and see how our tool can be used in daily trading.

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